Iowa is a national leader in renewable and affordable energy that benefits consumers, businesses and the environment. With the right energy policies in place, Iowans can continue to lead and show the nation how to have affordable, reliable energy from renewable sources.


Iowa is a national leader in renewable energy with wind. With the right policies in place, we can do the same with solar.

Iowa leaders saw the potential for wind energy in 2003 when they put in place policies that opened the door for Iowa to harness the wind that we are known for. In just fifteen years Iowa went from being the "windswept prairie" to being the leading state for wind generated electricity.

We now have that same opportunity with solar energy. To realize that potential, Iowa needs to prepare for rapid expansion of rooftop solar and set the stage for utility-grade solar generation through policies that encourage solar, give fair treatment for all electricity consumers -- solar generating and traditional -- and do so without driving up Iowa's low energy rates.


We all want renewable energy, but we also have to have power available when we need it.

Energy consumers know that when it comes to energy, one thing comes above everything else: you need to have power available when you need it. We all want as much renewable energy as we can reasonably afford, but we also need traditional energy sources for when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine. Having a diverse mix of power-generation fuel sources, such as clean-burning natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy, helps ensure Iowans always have the electricity they need to power their homes, farms and businesses.


Iowa is known for its affordable energy, which is great for consumers and a major factor in keeping and attracting businesses.

Iowans enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in the nation, with consumers paying 13% less than the national average and business customers 16% less than the national average. Along the way, we have managed to maintain reliability and be in the top tier of renewable energy producing states -- all while maintaining low rates. As we shape Iowa's energy policies for the future, maintaining low rates for all energy consumers needs to be at the forefront of policymakers' decision-making.


Iowa has been a national leader in energy efficiency, and the rewards belong to energy consumers.

Iowa has a long history of innovation and leadership in energy efficiency programs and policies. In 2018, Iowa policymakers led again by modernizing Iowa's energy efficiency programs to match current technology, and to put more money in the energy consumer's pocket to spend on energy efficiency in the ways that fit best for their household or business.

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